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Looking for a reliable team to help you get rid of your waste? Rubble Removals Fourways is here for you! Give us a call at 074-814-2203, and we’ll take care of it!

Rubble Removals Fourways is your go-to waste collection experts in Fourways. No job is too big or small for us, from one ton to fourteen tons, labor included. We’ve been around for more than ten years. Offering not only Waste Collection in Fourways. But also Tree Cutting In Fourways. Demolition in Fourways and Site Clearing in Fourways. Dial 074-814-2203 to find out how Fourways Rubble Removals can help you today!

Rubble Removals Fourways handle all types of waste removal. From Garden Refuse Removals in Fourways. To Building Rubble Removals in Fourways. Household Junk Removals in Fourways. or Commercial Waste Removals in Fourways. Whatever you’ve got, we can take it away. Our skilled teams will come to your home or business in Fourways, gather up the waste, and load it into our trucks. But we don’t stop there, we also sweep up before we leave. You can trust us to dispose of everything at the nearest local landfill.

Certified and Trusted

Rest assured, Rubble Removals Fourways is a certified member of important organizations like the Institute of Waste Management Southern Africa (IWMSA) and the E-Waste Association of South Africa (EWASA).

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    Rubble Removal Services Fourways

    Waste Management Services in Fourways You Can Trust

    Do you have old junk cluttering your space? Or maybe you’re running a construction site? Need to clean up your workplace? We’ve got a range of services to fit your needs. This includes: Office Rubbish Removal. Home Waste Collection. Garden Waste Removal. Building Rubble Cleanup. Tree Cutting. Garage Cleanouts. Scrap and Unwanted Items Removal. Cleanup for Deceased Estates. Hoarder Cleanup. Same-Day Service. House Demolition. Organic Waste and Debris Removal and “Man With A Bakkie Removal In Fourways”. With Rubble Removals Fourways, you get quick, responsible, and affordable waste removal. Call us at 074-814-2203 to book your service today!

    Save Yourself From A Possible R300 per Load Extra

    When booking a waste management company, always try to get the waste as close as possible to where the truck can park. If you are in the planning phase, keep this in mind, as waste builds up quickly. By doing this, you can save yourself an additional R300 that could be applied to the overall price. Especially if the distance from rubble to truck is greater than 10 meters. As well as in situations that need work done above or below ground level. KINDLY TAKE NOTE THAT WE WILL ADVISE YOU WAY BEFORE THAT THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL COSTS. WE DONT JUST APPLY IT! 

    What happens in a situation like this the driver arrives on site. They quickly assess the job if they believe wheelbarrows are needed tehy will call the office. Whereby we then will make an assessment if teh extra cost is necissary. If it is, we then call you to advise you, if the price then becomes to much no harm we will leave site and wait for you call. If there are no extra costs then the job continues at the standard rate.

    FAQ Rubble Removals Fourways

    Get Answers To Questions You May have Regarding Our Business And Services

    Where can I dispose of rubble?

    We are unfortunately not a dump or landfill site. We’re a private and independent waste management company. In Fourways, the nearest landfill for building rubble is the Marie-Louise Landfill.

    What Is the Payment Process?

    Payment terms are after we remove the rubble, and the payment option we have is cash to the driver. E-Wallet EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer. Transfer with invoice or credit card payments if you use our online service.

    What Trucks Do You Have?

    We have a fleet of trucks available, starting with our 1.2 ton long-wheelbase bakkies. to our 4 ton, 3 cube flat-bed trucks. tipper trucks, flat beds, 8-ton flat beds. 6-cube flat beds, and tipper trucksAnd our larger trucks, the 14-ton, 10 cube tippers.

    How much does rubble removal cost?

    That depends on a variety of factors like type of rubble as well as the amount of rubble you have. However we charge R650 for a bakkie. R950 for a 4 ton and R1650 for an 8 ton. These prices are per load but do include the labourf costs to load the rubble as well as the dumping fees.

    Can I Dump Rubble Myself?

    In essence, yes, you could. However, please note this important information. Minor domestic waste is not an issue; you could take that to your nearest PikItUp waste site. When it comes to dumping building rubble, Firstly, you will need to have an up-to-date municipal bill. Then you will need to hire a truck, as not all landfills allow cars and bikes in. Then, once you are in, you will need to be careful, as a landfill site is not only a hazard to people but to vehicles as well. Save yourself the hassle, just book Rubble Removals Fourways!

    How Do Your Services Work?

    Our prices depend on the size of the vehicle you need and the number of loads. All prices include labor to load as well as dumping fees.

    Where can I dump household trash?

    We’re not a landfill or dumping ground. But, for normal domestic household rubbish, you can take it to the Pikitup Fourways Depot. You will find them at 198 Malibongwe Dr in Praegville, Fourways.

    What Areas Do You Work in?

    Did you know that Fourways is upmarket area with more than 32 suburbs? We work in the Fourways area as well as other suburbs throughout Gauteng.

    In Fourways, CK Rubble Removal Fourways prioritizes environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal. We diligently sort garbage to recycle and reuse as much as possible. From curbside pickups to drop-off services at our transfer-station, we handle everything from regular yard waste to hazardous-waste with utmost care. Our recycling services ensure materials like cans are properly recycled, while solid-waste is adequately disposed of. We offer composting solutions for organic materials and use dumpsters for larger projects. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive waste-recycling service, making it easy for residents to contribute to a greener future.

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    Read What Clients say About rubble Removals Fourways

    I've had my fair share of dealing with rubbish and construction waste from home renovations, but Rubble Removals Fourways made it an effortless experience. The team arrived on time and got to work immediately. Before I knew it, my property was clear, and I could focus on the final touches of my renovation project. Their professionalism is unparalleled, and their rates are very competitive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the Fourways area.

    Sibusiso Nkosi

    September 2023, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I hired Rubble Removals Fourways for a commercial project in Johannesburg. While the service was generally excellent, I had to dock one star because they arrived about 20 minutes late. Nonetheless, the team made up for it with their speed and efficiency. They also took the time to properly sort the materials for recycling, which is something I appreciate as an advocate for environmental sustainability. Overall, a solid four-star service that I wouldn't hesitate to use again.
    Thandiwe Mkhize

    August 2023, ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    As a contractor, I've worked with many rubble removal services over the years, and I can confidently say that Rubble Removals Fourways is among the best. Their machinery is top-notch, the staff is well-trained, and they go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Their service is timely and transparent, with no hidden costs. It's no wonder they're gaining a reputation as the go-to rubble removal service in Gauteng. Definitely a five-star service that I will be using for future.

    Pieter van der Merwe

    July 2023, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐